How to Warm Up Glutes and Hamstring

Are you looking to start exercising? Do you have concerns about pulling muscles and hurting yourself? You will want to learn how to warm up your glute and hamstring muscles properly.

Well, we’ve compiled the best warm-up stretches and exercises for glutes and hamstrings. Each one will loosen up muscle fibers and make sure your body responds to exercise stress appropriately.

It would be best to stretch out a couple of muscles before engaging in exercises that target your buttocks. These include your glutes, buttocks, and groin. We have two stretches and exercises for each group of muscles and recommend you do all of them to get the maximum output. 

How To Stretch Out Your Glutes

There are a couple of stretches and exercises for the glutes. Each one will relax your glutes, which is great right before a workout. Also, they will make sure you don’t pull any muscle while exercising. 

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog stretch for men - Glutes and Hamstrings

You’ve probably heard of and seen someone do the downward-facing dog. It is a trendy traditional yoga pose because it engages different muscles in your body. These include your calves, hamstrings, and upper body, in addition to your glutes. 

It’s a short stretch, but it is vital to get your form right, or it won’t benefit you at all. 

Start in a push-up pose with your hands shoulder-width apart. You can align your wrists with your shoulders if you can’t estimate the width accurately. Then straighten your body and engage your core. 

Move your hips backward and form an upside-down V with your body. Hold the pose for 20 seconds and return to the initial push-up position. Try not to move your feet, but it is okay to try the exercise the first couple of times. 

If you can’t keep your back straight, try bending your knees. The Downward Dog is a great stretch to warm up your glutes and hamstrings. It will help provide extra support.

Knee To Opposite Shoulder

Another way to stretch your glutes is through the knee to opposite shoulder exercise. Lay down on your back with your legs extended and feet flexed upwards; this means your toes should point upwards. 

Bend your left knee and pull it towards your right shoulder with both your hands. Then keep it there for 20 seconds. Next, return the leg to its original position and try the exercise with your other knee. 

How To Stretch Your Glutes While Sitting

These stretching exercises for glutes and hamstrings are helpful if you sit at a desk most of the day and don’t have time to exercise any other time. They’re also convenient if you’re going on a long flight or car trip and if you can’t sit on the floor because of any number of health concerns. 

Seated Figure 4 Stretch

Seated Figure 4 Stretch for men - Glutes and Hamstrings

You have to sit in a chair to do this stretch.

Sit in a chair and put your right ankle on your left thing. Do this right above your knee, not precisely on it. Then place your hands on your lower right leg. 

Make sure you align your head and back and then lean slightly forward to deepen the stretch. Go as low as you can, and then stay there for 20 to 30 seconds. 

Return to the original position and repeat with the other leg. 

Seated Glute Stretch 

You can do the seated figure 4 stretch while sitting on the floor or on a sofa with your legs stretched forward as well. However, we’d recommend using a yoga mat on the floor. 

Sit on the floor and extend your legs in front of you. Then while keeping your back straight, place your left ankle on your right knee. Lean forward and deepen the stretch. Hold for 20 to 30 seconds, return to the original position, and repeat with the other leg.

How To Stretch Buttocks

These stretches and exercises for your buttocks are tried and tested by health and fitness enthusiasts globally. You’re bound to see results in under two weeks but will feel better in just two days. 

Knee To Chest

The first exercise we have for you is the knee to chest recline. Lie down on your back with your legs extended. Point your toes to the sky and bend your left leg. Next, grab hold of your left knee and pull it in towards the middle of your chest. 

Take deep breaths in and deepen the stretch every time you breathe out. Hold the pose for 20 seconds, and then switch to your right leg. 

Reclined Pigeon 

Reclined Pigeon stretch for men

The second exercise that stretches your buttocks is the reclined pigeon stretch. Lay down on your back and bend your legs. Make sure the soles of your feet touch the floor. Next, lift your left leg to bring your left ankle to rest on your right thigh. 

Then grab hold of your right thigh and gently pull it into your chest. Hold the pose for a minute, then repeat the process on the other side. 

How To Stretch Your Groin

It’s effortless to pull a groin muscle if you engage in any sport or workout without stretching it first. Read this to find out more about pulling a groin muscle.

Equally as important as learning how to warm up your glutes and hamstrings can be to warm up or stretch your groin. We have included a variety of stretches you can use to stretch your groin muscle gently.

Leg Swing

Stand with your feet apart. It should be a comfortable position. Then lift one foot off the ground and swing it forward, back, and behind you in one swift motion. Think of it like you’re drawing a circle with the heel of your foot.

Start slowly but pick up the pack and range of your motion and loosen up. Complete the motion 15 to 20 times on each leg. 

Crossover Stretch 

The second stretch is a little more complicated. It’s effortless once you get the hang of it, though—step to the left with your left foot. Then swing your right foot in front of your left leg. Next, step to the left again with your left foot. Then repeat in the other direction. 

Get a rhythm going, and this stretch will become quite fun. 

Butterfly Stretch

Butterfly stretch - Groin stretch for men

The Butterfly Stretch is my favorite stretch and probably the easiest groin stretch for men. First, you will sit flat on your bottom with your legs out in front of you. Put the bottoms of your feet or shoes together. Grasp both of your feet by the toes at the same time. Carefully pull your feet in toward you, getting a deep stretch.

If you can pull in without much of a stretch, let’s make it a bit more challenging. Gently push down with your elbows on the edges of your knees to stretch your groin.

Don’t flap your bent legs fast like a butterfly! The Butterfly Stretch is best done slowly and with an ever-increasing deeper stretch.

How to Warm Up Glutes and Hamstrings

I hope you learned more about how you can properly warm up your glutes and hamstrings and stretch them out. When preparing for a workout, stretching these muscles are an afterthought.

We wrote a post specifically for Stretching Exercises for Running. We wrote a post specifically for Stretching Exercises for Running. Anytime I go for a run, I like to stretch out my glutes and hamstrings. If I don’t, my leg muscles will be sore for days.

We also wrote a detailed post about the best cool-down stretches after a workout. Not only can you use these stretches to warm up your glutes and hamstring muscles. In addition, you can use them to cool-down glutes and hamstrings after your workout.

Men, before your next at-home workout, be sure to stretch out those glutes and hamstring muscles. However, don’t forget to stretch your groin as well.

Let me know about your favorite method for warming up your glutes and hamstrings before your workout.