How to Stretch Out the Lower Back

How to stretch out the lower back? One of the worst things about aging is lower back pain.

Even if it isn’t intense, it can be a nuisance that comes in the way of completing essential day-to-day tasks. So today, we’ve compiled everything you need to know about alleviating this pain. 

From stretching exercises to relieve lower back pain to stretches and exercises that can help loosen knots in your back, we’re covering everything. 

How to Stretch Your Lower Back Out?

Child’s Pose

If you’re thinking “how to stretch a tight lower back,” you have to try the child’s pose. It is a traditional yoga position that gently stretches your buttocks, thigh, and spinal extensors, relieving pain and tension from your spine, neck, and shoulders. 

Get a yoga mat and start with your hands and knees on the ground. Fold forward and stretch your arms out in front of you. Rest your belly on your thighs. Sink into your hips while you rest them on your heels.

You can extend your arms in front of you or place them alongside your body with your palms facing upwards. Focus on breathing deeply and relax any parts of your body that feel tight or tense. 

Hold the pose for up to a minute. 

Knee To Chest Stretch

The second stretch we recommend doing is the knee-to-chest stretch. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet on the floor. Pull your right knee into your chest and grab it with your hand. 

Lengthen your spine and breathe deeply. Hold this pose for up to a minute, and then repeat with the other leg. 

How to Stretch Lower Back Pinched Nerve

A couple of stretches and exercises can help stretch a lower back with a pinched nerve, including the knee to chest stretch we just mentioned. In addition to this stretch, try the following. 

Lumbar Rotation

Lie on your back and bend your knees with your feet flat on the floor. Slowly rock from side to side and allow your back to twist slightly. Repeat this motion ten to fifteen times. 

How to Stand Up With Lower Back Pain

Standing straight can seem like an impossible task when you have lower back pain. But there is a way to minimize the pain with this trick: get your posture right.

Stand with your head up, shoulders straight, and weight balanced on both your feet. Tuck your hips in. Doing this will help you stand straight even if your lower back hurts. 

Another great trick is avoiding standing in the same position for a long time. Move around and keep your body active. 

How to Stretch Lower Back Buttocks

Stretching your buttocks is another excellent way to get rid of lower back pain. There are many helpful stretches and exercises; we have a separate article on how to stretch buttocks G&H. You should read it if you’re interested in finding out more about this topic.  

How to Stretch Your Back Lying Down

If standing or sitting up presents too great of a challenge, you can stretch your back while lying down. First, start your routine with the knee to chest stretch and then include the following. 

Knee Twist 

Lie down on your back and bend your right knee while keeping your foot on the floor. Extend the left leg on the yoga mat and flex your foot. Rest your arms to the side of your body. 

Twist your right knee to the left side of your body. Push it as far to the left as you can. Try to get it parallel to the mat. However, don’t push yourself too far and only go as far as you comfortably can. 

Then pull your right knee back up and extend it on the floor. Repeat the motion with your left knee. 

Cobra Pose

The cobra pose is another excellent back stretch you can do while lying down. Lie down on your stomach and place your hands next to your shoulders. Bend your elbows outwards. Then push lift your chest by pushing down on the palms of your hands. Again, remember to keep your head looking straight. 

Hold the stretch for two seconds and come back down. Repeat the stretch ten to fifteen times.

How to Stretch My Lower Back And Hips

Stretching your hips can have a tremendous impact on your lower back. Since these two body parts are close to each other, many stretches and exercises that target one of them; impact the other. 

One great example is the yoga cow stretch. You begin in a table position, with your hands below your shoulders and knees below your hips, gently arch and relax your spine. By tightening your core muscles as you breathe, you can stretch out your spine as well as your hips. 

We have a more in-depth article about Strengthening and Stretching Your Hip Flexors to gain more insight into hip exercises that could help you deal with your back pain. 

Stretch Out Your Lower Back, Man!

We hope you have learned something new about how to loosen a knot in your back. I know first hand the suffering of lower back pain or when you “throw your back out.” I’m learning that when I want to play hard with my kids. I should spend a few minutes stretching my back first. That could save me from days of unbearable pain in the future.

This compilation of stretches and exercises targeting the lower back is excellent at loosening knots in addition to alleviating pain and strengthening your back. 

Do them every day for a couple of weeks, and you’ll notice a drastic change in your back’s health. It’ll hurt less, be more flexible, and have an increased range of motion.

I will visit my local The Joint Chiroprator monthly to help maintain my alignment and care for my back.

Good luck and stretch out your lower back, man!