How Good is Coconut Water for You?

When you think of Coconut water you may think of lounging on a beach. However, in this article, we are going to discuss how good is coconut water and what are the health benefits of coconut water.

Did you know that coconut water is one of the best fluids you can intake? It contains many nutrients and electrolytes that make it a perfect workout drink. Even if you’re not an athlete, you can enjoy the benefits of this tasty water. Coconut water is good for you in many ways. You don’t even have to drink it because it’s also as beneficial as a body wash or hair lotion. 

This guide will look at coconut water and everything it offers. Let’s get started!

Is Coconut Water Good for Your Hair?   

There are so many benefits of coconut water for hair and skin. Coconut water is a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It also contains phytohormones—these work to hydrate the hair. 

Many people apply coconut oil to their hair. However, coconut water is arguably better. 

The water is lighter than the oil, enabling it to provide more volume. It also is a superior source of hydration. Meanwhile, coconut water is excellent for calming itchy scalps and acts as an anti-inflammatory. 

There is also evidence that it can prevent dandruff and ease dry scalps. It strengthens dry hair and makes it more elastic. This gives it a shinier appearance and makes it softer to the touch. 

Coconut water also contains cytokotins. Some studies indicate that these proteins can help promote hair growth. However, this is still the subject of debate, and it won’t help you if you’re already bald! 

How to Use Coconut Water for Hair

You can apply coconut water to your hair in several ways. 

The easiest way is to rinse your hair with coconut water directly. It’s perfectly safe, and there is no need to dilute it. Use it after you shampoo your hair. 

If you don’t live in a tropical country, it can be expensive. That’s why it’s a good idea to mix it with your shampoo. Another way is to use it as a hydration spray throughout the day. Just add a quarter of a cup of coconut water to the option you prefer. 

Drinking it is also great for your hair because you directly absorb all of the nutrients into your body. 

Is Coconut Water Better for You Than Water? 

Water is the perfect drink if you want to stay hydrated and quench your thirst. But coconut water is arguably even better. 

This is because it contains more electrolytes like sodium, magnesium, and calcium. There is also a small amount of glucose. 

These electrolytes may hydrate your body because they replace nutrients lost while sweating. As a result, it’s a great workout drink or a pick-up on a hot day. 

Is coconut water better for you than water

Is it Okay to Drink Coconut Water Every Day? 

Usually, it’s perfectly fine to drink coconut water every day. You can even enjoy multiple coconuts if you want. Unless you have a health condition or are on a specific diet, you won’t experience adverse effects. 

It’s recommended to consume it slowly as it can cause bloating. Don’t gulp down a glass like you would with standard tap water!

Meanwhile, it’s a great alternative to sugary beverages like juices or energy drinks. Have coconut water instead. 

Does Coconut Water Help Lose Weight? 

Coconut water is relatively low in calories, so drinking it shouldn’t have affected your diet. 

Another benefit is that it helps you stay hydrated because it is a rich source of electrolytes. Many people mistake thirst for hunger, especially late at night. If you drink coconut water, you will notice that you don’t need to snack as often. 

Furthermore, coconut water has less sugar than energy drinks which means it’s a lot healthier to consume day-to-day. It’s also useful as a hangover cure. Drinking alcohol results in dehydration. Instead of eating a heavy meal the next day, why not drink coconut water and replace those lost electrolytes? 

Top 5 Brands of Coconut Water

Now let’s look at five of the best coconut water brands. Most coconut waters are organic and contain no added sugars. They’re also vegan and kosher-friendly, as well as gluten-free. 

Zico Natural Coconut Water 

Zico coconut water is widely available in Costco and other stores across the U.S. 

Coca-Cola bought the brand from founder Mark Rampalla. But they dropped it during the global health crisis. However, Rampalla reclaimed the company, which is good news for everybody! 

This is as close to a fresh coconut as you can buy. It’s GMO and cholesterol-free. It isn’t the sweetest coconut water, but it has a clean, crisp taste. 

12 bottles of 500ml cost $48.95 on Amazon. 

Vita Coco Organic Coconut Water

Another popular brand of coconut water, you’ll find Vita in most supermarkets as well as online. 

Unlike Zico, it isn’t pure coconut water. This is because they add natural sugar for a sweeter taste as well as Vitamin C. Amazon sells a 12-pack of 330ml for $18.99.

Nature’s Greatest Food Coconut Water

Nature’s Greatest food is another natural coconut water. 

There are no added sugars, and they never make it from concentrate. It carries a USDA Organic certificate. Also, their packaging is ethically sourced, so it’s good for the environment. 

6 bottles of 1 liter will cost you $35 on Amazon. 

Real Coco Organic Pure Coconut Water

Real Coco advocates a guilt-free lifestyle.

That’s why they source their coconuts from sustainable farms. They claim to bottle their water within hours of cracking the coconut open. They work with farmers in remote regions of Vietnam and Thailand. 

A 6-pack costs about $32 on Amazon. 

Bai Coconut Flavored Water

bai coconut water

Finally, let’s look at flavored coconut water. 

Bai coconut water comes in multiple flavors. A pack of 12  includes mango, lime, pineapple, and standard coconut. They infuse the flavors without adding any extra sugar. These waters contain many antioxidants. 

A 12-pack of 18oz bottles (523ml) costs about $20 on Amazon. 

Is Coconut Water Keto-Friendly? 

Coconut water can be keto-friendly as long as you keep track of your carbohydrate intake. It contains digested carbs. These are in the form of sugar and electrolytes. 

If your daily carb intake is less than 40 grams, it’s perfectly fine to drink coconut water. However, if it goes above 50 grams, you shouldn’t consume it on a keto diet. 

To sum up, you should drink it in moderation!

Is Coconut Water the Same as Coconut Milk? 

Coconut water and coconut milk are not the same. 

Many people think they’ll crack open a coconut and find milk inside. This is impossible because the milk is a blend of coconut water and pulp. 

After shredding the pulp, it’s pureed with coconut water. Then it is strained so that the rich, creamy liquid is achieved. It contains a lot more calories than coconut water, but it’s also rich in protein. 

Also, don’t buy sweetened coconut milk.

Does coconut water taste good?

Does Coconut Water Taste Good? 

Coconut water has a sweet, nutty taste. It’s naturally cool inside and is very refreshing. Of course, some people won’t like it, but the majority of people agree that it’s delicious! 

Most people agree that there are few things better in life than sitting back with a fresh coconut on a tropical beach. However, coconut water is also a delicious and nutritious drink anytime and anywhere.

Not to worry if you’re not a fan you can drink other types of water to hydrate and that provide vitamins and minerals. Check out our full post on what to drink when working out for more information.

Do you like coconut water? Have you tried it yet? What are your thoughts?