Best Cardio Exercises for Men

Cardio is important for heart health, losing weight, and improving endurance. However, there’s no doubt that it requires more willpower and perseverance than other types of workouts. The best cardio exercises for men are activities that you like and can consistently do. 

Remember that there are two ways of training your cardiovascular system: aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

During aerobic exercises like jogging, your muscles have enough oxygen to work consistently. Your heart rate will go up, you will breathe faster, and you can continue for a sustainable amount of time. 

Anaerobic exercises are quick, intense bursts of energy.

What Cardio is Best for Weight Loss? 

Cardio is effective in different forms. The approach that you should take depends on your personal goals and lifestyle. Also, you must enjoy the activity that you are pursuing. Otherwise, you’ll never stick to it. 

Anaerobic exercises like circuit training and HIIT workouts will burn calories the quickest. However, if you prefer cycling for a few hours, this is perfectly fine. You can achieve similar results, but it will just take longer. 

Remember to be consistent if you want to create short-term and long-term goals.  

Keep in mind that cardio by itself won’t help you achieve the weight results you want. The most important aspect is that you follow a healthy diet. You should also partake in some weight training to spike your metabolism. 

Is Running a Good Cardio?

Is Running a Good Cardio workout?

Running is the first exercise that people think about when they hear the word cardio. Many people hate it, but there is no doubt that it’s one of the best cardio exercises for men. 

There are a variety of core running exercises to choose from. From fast walking, jogging, long-distance running, short burst sprinting, and lots of other core running exercises to choose from.

According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), a 180 lb person will burn 17 calories per minute while running at a steady pace. 

The advantage of running is that there are methods of training for everybody. You can choose to jog for a specific time or distance (e.g., 5km). This is an example of aerobic exercise and is suitable for general fitness. 

Some athletes, like boxers or soccer players, will practice short sprints because this pushes them to their VO2 max. Sprints are useful in sports that feature bursts of sudden and intense movements. 

What do Jump Rope Workouts do for you?

Every boxer will tell you that jumping rope is an effective form of cardio. So why is jumping rope so good for you?

Like running, it helps build bone density. One widely-cited study claimed that 10 minutes of skipping is as beneficial as jogging for 30 minutes per day. It’s possible to burn up to 300 calories in just 15 minutes. 

Another advantage of skipping is that it helps improve coordination by performing different jumps. You can choose to jump rope for a prolonged period. But the most beneficial way to jump rope is to incorporate it into a HIIT workout. 

Set a timer for multiple rounds of 20 to 40 seconds with a short rest in between.

You can choose to jump rope for each round or to incorporate other exercises like push-ups or crunches. Alternate between each exercise for a tough full-body workout!

Is Swimming Good for Cardio?

Is Swimming Good for Cardio?

Yes, swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise. The benefit of swimming is that it is a low-impact exercise.  One of the best cardio exercises for men of all ages.

Many people find that running causes pain in their knees or even their lower back. Running is a load-bearing exercise that helps build bone density. Swimming won’t achieve this, but you can burn as many calories without burdening your joints.

That’s why many people choose to swim when they are recovering from an injury because the buoyant water reduces stress on their bodies. 

According to Harvard Medical School, a 155-pound person will burn 372 calories in 33 minutes while swimming at a vigorous pace. 

Like most forms of cardio, you can do high-intensity intervals for a more intense workload. Another advantage is that you’ll tone your arms and other muscles as well as your legs. 

What is the Rowing Machine Proper Form?

What is the Proper Technique for a Rowing Machine

Many people mistakenly believe that rowing machines only work your arms. However, they use up to 86 percent of the body’s muscles. The American Fitness Professionals Association (AFPA) reveals that 75 percent of rowing relies on the legs.

It’s possible to burn between 400 and 500 calories in an hour while rowing. 

Of course, this depends on the intensity of the exercise and your body weight. Also, it works the cores while reducing the chances of injury to your lower body.  

Can I Use a Rowing Machine Every Day?

Yes, it is one of the best cardio exercises for men and a great full-body workout. The downside is you will need to buy a rowing machine to use it at home. Also, a rowing machine can be big and bulky to store.

Some people have been known to store their rowing machine under the bed. Most will fold down and out of the way. So they are reasonably easy to put away.

Are Burpees the Best Exercise?

Are Burpees the Best Exercise?

Because burpees are a dynamic and explosive exercise that works the entire body. Few core exercises also burn fat, but this is one of them. 

Burpees are a brutal exercise that is excellent in a circuit. If you’re trying to enhance your abs and core, you should consider adding burpees to your routine.

Start from a squat position with your hands forward. Then drop to a plank and perform a single pushup. Finally, explode onto your feet and jump up.

You can do burpees anywhere because they don’t require any equipment. According to Harvard Medical school, you’ll burn about 10 calories for every minute of burpees. 

You can find a lot more full-body bodyweight exercises to add to your routine here.

Are Mountain Climbers a Good Cardio Workout?

Yes, however mountain climbers are similar to burpees because they’re a great bodyweight exercise as well.

They also focus on the abs while burning fat at the same time. If you do this exercise at an intense pace, you’ll soon be gasping for air!

Take a standard push-up position with your arms straight and under your shoulders. Then drive one knee forward toward your chest. Kick back before alternating knees. Most people prefer to do mountain climbers as part of a circuit. 

According to ACE, a 130 lb person will burn about 10 calories per minute while performing this exercise. 

Is Cycling a Good Cardio?

Is Cycling a Good Cardio?

Yes, it is. Alongside running, cycling is probably the next most popular form of cardio exercise for men. 

It has several advantages because you can travel further on a bicycle. Furthermore, it’s less stressful on the knees and joints. The main disadvantage is that good bicycles can be expensive. 

There are different ways you can get a cycling cardiovascular workout.   

You can perform an aerobic workout by cycling at a comfortable pace for a long distance.

Mountain bike rides and racing workouts will feature anaerobic bursts.

Many people don’t even consider cycling a workout when they take their bikes on vacation. However, according to Cycling Weekly, a 75kg man traveling at 13mph will burn about 600k/cal per hour. If you’re heavier, then you can burn even more calories. This makes cycling one of the best cardio workouts for men. 


A single boxing workout can burn up to 800 calories.

These are some of the best cardio workouts for men because you also learn how to defend yourself. As well as punching or kicking, these workouts combine other cardio elements such as jump rope and HIIT training. This makes for a well-rounded workout that’s a lot of fun. 

Meanwhile, there’s usually a social element because you’re training with other people. 

Many people enjoy this because it encourages them to stay motivated and helps them blow off steam after a day in the office. You’ll also improve your coordination, flexibility, and lean muscle mass. 

Martial arts are some of the most beneficial workouts for sure. 

Is Cardio Better Before or After a Workout? 

Is Cardio Better Before or After a Workout?

This subject is open to debate. Many trainers believe that you should do a cardio session after a weights workout. They think that you will deplete your muscles before using them for the most strenuous exercises. 

However, other experts believe the opposite. 

In the end, it depends on your goals. If you’re trying to gain muscle, doing an intense cardio session beforehand doesn’t make sense. However, there’s nothing wrong with a few minutes on the rowing machine as a full-body warm-up. Likewise, if you want to improve your aerobic performance and enhance your VO2 max, you should make that your priority. 

If you’re tired from one exercise, the other will suffer as a consequence. 

Does Exercise Improve Cardiovascular Health?

Yes, exercise improves cardiovascular health. 

According to Harvard Medical School, it encourages the heart’s arteries to dilate more readily. Also, it lowers blood pressure and reduces cholesterol levels. Furthermore, it helps you maintain a healthier weight for your physical frame. 

All of these benefits reduce pressure on the heart and decrease the risk of cardiovascular problems later in life. In short, every step you take could help you live longer!

Is Too Much Cardio Bad for You?

Too much of any type of exercise is counterproductive. This is especially true of cardio. 

You need to give your body time to recover between sessions. That’s why it’s inadvisable to perform intense workouts every day. 2 or 3 times per week is enough. 

According to the American Heart Association, healthy adults should perform at least 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per day. If you’re a weight trainer, go for a brisk walk, a cycle, or a light jog. 

Don’t forget to rest between sessions. Your muscles need time to recover. If you’re running, cycling, or jumping rope, you should also stretch before and after training. You may feel tightness after practice if you’ve only recently started this type of exercise. 

If you do too much cardio, you increase your risk of injury. In the worst-case scenario, this could mean tearing or pulling muscles. Don’t overdo it. 

What are the Best Cardio Exercises for Men?

As we’ve just learned the best cardio exercises for men are quite different for each person. However, we can all agree a healthy amount of cardio is needed for men and dads alike to stay in their best health.

Men should work in several 30-45 minute cardio exercises into their week. It’s a great time to de-stress, turn off the phone, and just on our body and health.

Dads, you will feel better while playing with your kids if you have a consistent cardio routine. Also, add in a short bodyweight workout for optimal results.

Let me know your favorite. How long is your favorite cardio activity and how many times a week? I would love to find out more about your cardio routine men, so let me know.