Best Bodyweight Exercises For Arms

Many bodyweight exercises for arms include equipment like barbells and dumbbells. However, exercises without these things can also help you build stronger arms.

Keep in mind that activating all your arm muscles without weights isn’t possible. Meaning, arm exercises without weight will target only some parts of your arms, mostly your deltoids, and triceps.

Other parts like your biceps usually require some type of weight to work against. In this article, I will list a lot of arm exercises you can perform without weights and still accomplish visible results.

The bodyweight exercises for arms include variations of pushups and planks. So, they will also activate your core. That being said, let’s dive deep and learn how to grow your arm muscles.

Best Bodyweight Exercises For Arms

If you’re a beginner, don’t fret as these arm exercises aren’t complex. On the contrary, they’re beginner-friendly and don’t require any equipment. Thus, they’re easier to learn.

However, don’t let the simplicity fool you. They’re still demanding and effective. Not only will they help you learn the right shape that will help prevent possible injuries as you start lifting weights, but also put your whole body to work while specifically targeting and growing your arms.

And if you want to make your bodyweight training even more challenging, focus on those exercises that include a surface like a bench, box, chair, stairs, or other similar surfaces.

Tricep dips

Also known as chair dips, tricep dips activate your tricep muscles on the back of your upper arms. These dips make a great choice for people who want to grow their tricep muscles.

They also play a key part in stabilizing your shoulder joints. Overall, drips can certainly help you build big arms. Therefore, if you want bulky upper-arm muscles, give tricep dips a try.

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T pushups

If you’re looking for a very effective upper body exercise that targets your shoulders, triceps, and chest, look no further than push ups.

They’re a variation of the regular pushup that also increases core strength while targeting your obliques. This exercise doesn’t require any equipment.

Decrease your body until your chest almost touches the ground. As you push yourself back up, spin one side of your body as you lift the same side arm toward the ceiling. Stay in this position for a few seconds and get back to the starting pose.

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Plank ups

This exercise can help you boost your push-up strength and develop a strong core. Plank-ups strengthen your triceps, chest, and core, so it’s a super versatile exercise.

They tackle pectorals, deltoids, and the back of your arms, so they’re perfect for building stronger arms. Just make sure to keep a neutral spine and a strong plank pose.

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Inchworm with shoulder taps

The inchworm usually takes part in high-intensity interval training because it helps to boost strength and flexibility. It targets many parts such as the core, upper back, chest, and arms.

The shoulder taps, on the other hand, affect different muscles including your obliques and abs. So, if you perform this exercise regularly, you will strengthen your core and gain stability.

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Rolling forearm side planks

If you want to boost your endurance and strength, try rolling forearm side planks. They strengthen your core and obliques but also improve strength in your shoulders and lower back. As you can notice, adding a spin to your regular side planks helps activate your shoulders, abs, glutes, etc.

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Walking push ups

Walking push ups activate different parts of your body including your chest, arms, and shoulders. They’re excellent for improving your endurance, muscular strength, and boosting your core.

It’s a full-body strength exercise that activates your arms the most while providing you a cardio boost, so if you master these pushups, you’re going to develop a strong upper body over time.

Forearm plank jacks

This is a combined core-strengthening and cardio exercise. It can help you strengthen various muscles in your upper and lower body. Adding forearm plank janks to your training can also burn calories.

Therefore, if you want to reduce fat and improve your stability at once, try forearm plank jacks. They’re also excellent for improving your shoulders, abs, neck, chest, and back, so they’re very versatile.

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Triangle pushups

The triangle push ups resemble the diamond pushups and provide similar benefits. They go a lot harder on the triceps and muscles of your upper body and core due to the position of your hands.

Therefore, if you want to put your triceps to work, give this challenging move a try. All pushups activate your triceps. However, triangle push ups transform triceps from helpers to primary movers.

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Hand release push ups with arm raise

When done properly, hand release pushups put various muscles to work including your chest, arms, and shoulder muscles. They’re similar to traditional pushups but put focus on your deltoids and pecs.

The arm raises will step up your pushup game and provide even better results by stretching your arms in the process. However, keep in mind that hand release pushups reach a dead point between reps.

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Incline pushups

If your bodyweight training doesn’t include incline pushups, you are missing out a lot. These pushups come with many benefits when done properly such as building your core, arms, and chest muscles.

They also improve your upper body strength and ensure a solid arms workout. I like incline pushups and recommend them to everyone because they’re excellent for building bigger biceps and triceps.

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What Is The Best Workout For Biceps?

Hitting the gym isn’t the only way to put your biceps to work and build stronger muscles. You can do certain bodyweight exercises in the comfort of your home and experience explosive training.

The following groups of exercises include variations of similar exercises that will help you stay in shape while building stronger biceps. Without further ado, let’s take a look at these killer exercises.


Any pushup will put your arms to work, however, diamond pushups, reverse hand push ups, and one arm push ups target biceps. They’re challenging bodyweight arm exercises but also highly effective.

For instance, the diamond pushups that got their name from the diamond shape your hands take during the process can activate your biceps when done properly and regularly just like reverse pushups.

Reverse pushups and one-arm push ups target and grow your biceps, even more than diamond pushups, especially one-arm pushups that basically force your hands to make up for the lack of support.

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Planks and variations of planks such as side planks and plank up-down can tackle your biceps and fire up your core, plus your whole back. They’re the ultimate exercise that includes both arms and legs.

Side planks, for instance, will not target your biceps but also your triceps and shoulders. And when doing planks, you’re keeping yourself up through biceps, so you will tone and develop your arm muscles.

What I like most about planks is that they also develop muscles in your thighs. The plank up-down is also a great exercise for your biceps and also ensures a decent cardio workout if done quickly.

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Different pullups can help you build strong forearms, biceps, and back muscles. You can do this exercise with a towel hanging around your door, resistance bands, or a pull-up bar.

I would also suggest making a chin-up for even better results because they target your biceps more than your forearms. Other exercises that work biceps include curls and a wall handstand.

You can perform curls with dumbbells if you have any at home or just a gallon of water, bricks, a smaller toolbox, etc. The wall handstand also activates and develops your biceps.

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How To Workout Triceps?

The exercises that can help you activate and grow your triceps aren’t necessarily the ones that focus on your triceps. You can actually develop your triceps through different types of exercises.

For example, narrow push ups, wall pushups, dive bomber push ups, reverse plank leg lift, and renegade row with a towel. Let’s take a look at these moves and what they can do for your triceps.

Narrow push ups

This type of pushups is a great addition to your bodyweight training that can help to pump up your arms, especially your triceps since they’re responsible for extending your arm at the elbow.

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Wall pushups

Wall pushups activate many parts of your body including your triceps, biceps, pecs, and deltoids. They also boost your upper body strength and engage your back, abs, traps, and hip muscles.

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Dive bomber push ups

The popular dive bomber push ups primarily affect your chest. However, they also activate your triceps, deltoids, core, quads, glutes, hamstrings, etc. So, they’re a versatile and one of the best bodyweight exercises for arms.

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Reverse plank leg lift

Another excellent bodyweight exercise for triceps is a reverse plank leg lift. It also activates your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back muscles. Afterward, stretch your triceps, so they don’t burn out.

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Renegade row with towel

Last but not least, I have another exercise that will target your whole upper body. It’s especially effective for triceps, biceps, and shoulders as well as larger upper back muscles such as rhomboids and lats.

Overall, it’s a killer full-body exercise that activates obliques, back muscles, and arm muscles. Therefore, it’s a great addition to your training routine. What’s your favorite bodyweight exercises for arms so far?

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Best Bodyweight Exercises For Arms – Final Thoughts

Pushups, curls, planks, and pullups will put your arms to work and help you obtain a very appealing look. The best part? They don’t require any equipment to get the job done. All you need is your weight.

Please, share this article where you see fit and drop a comment pointing out your favorite exercise. Let’s continue the discussion in the comments below and exchange tips on how to grow arms at home. What are your best bodyweight exercises for arms not listed above?