Get Dad Bod Fit with Me

Hi I’m Doug, I lost 45 pounds in my mid-forties with two kids and a busy Dad life. I will help you do the same. Several years ago, I made small incremental tweaks to my habits and lifestyle that compounded huge results. I workout only 15-20 minutes most days right from home. You won’t be commuting back and forth from the gym, no waiting on equipment to be available, no hour long workouts for me. Just quick workouts you literally slot into your day that will help you feel great and look your best.

Dad’s, we want to live our best and healthiest lives possible to be there as our kids grow up. I tried fad diets, insane workout plans, time consuming gym memberships, and expensive personal trainers. None of that worked long term.

That is why I created Get Dad Bod Fit. I will help you make the incremental changes that will impact you the most. Join me for a fun and lifechanging journey transforming your Dad Bod and getting Dad Bod Fit.