Fitting Fitness into a Busy Dad Life

The Best Ways for Men to Lose Weight and Get Fit?

Have you tried the fad diets but the weight piles back on after you went to ‘maintenance’ mode? If your like me you’ve busted your butt at the gym for hours a day and weeks on end but got burned out and quit after 6 months because of the huge time commitment. I’ve been there and done all that before. So what is the best ways for men to lose weight and get fit?

A couple of years ago I discovered how to successfully drop 45 pounds, get more cut and fit, and I’ve easily kept it off without feeling like I was “missing out” on food and time with my family. At Get Dad Bod Fit we can help you lose weight, tone up, and feel great! Be the Dad that is fit and healthy. That can play for hours with your kids. The Dad they can count on and not have to take care of. Get your Dad Bod Fit with us today.

Best Body Weight Exercises

Get Dad Bod Fit loves helping Dad’s get fit with the best body weight exercises. We know a busy Dad can get fit and healthy without spending hours in a gym. So we will help you create workout habits and routines you can easily do at home that allow you more time to spend with your family.

Lose Fat in your Stomach Fast

Get Dad Bod Fit will help you lose that stubborn Dad Bod belly and build healthy muscle. Therefore we have curated full body exercises to help you lose weight, boost your metabolism, and feel better while living life to the fullest. You can make small tweaks to your eating habits and a full body exercise for weight loss and see dramatic results that will last.

Best Full Body Weight Workout to Fit your Life

We help Dad’s create the best bodyweight workouts to fit their individual lifestyle. Because we know most men have little time to spare. We help you work out and lose weight with best at home bodyweight workouts. We even help you find creative way to fit workouts in no matter where you are.

Full Body Bodyweight Workout for a Beginner with No Equipment

We help you begin your journey toward transforming your Dad Bod and finally Get Dad Bod Fit even if you have no workout equipment. It does not matter where you are in your fitness journey. We help men work toward creating a better life through health and fitness.

Full Body Bodyweight CrossFit Workouts

You love full body bodyweight CrossFit workouts like we do. However you’re not ready to give up all your free time or hand over your wallet to the gym? We hear ya, loud and clear. You can do the same CrossFit workouts from home with little to no equipment with our full body weight workout plans.

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